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Dubai Outlet Mall is one of the very few working entities within the Dubailand Project, which was to be the biggest project ever made in Dubai. Dubai Outlet Mall is part of the future Dubai Outlet City, which is to be the biggest outlet complex in the world. The Dubai Outlet Mall is solely for bargain shopping; yet unfortunately, it misses the power of multiple brands that would make it an even more inviting place. Yet, it is nice to visit Dubai Outlet Mall and look around in its stores, after you have looked around in the multiple quality downtown malls of Dubai. Let us see what is worth knowing about Dubai Outlet Mall.

Dubai Outlet Mall's stores mainly include last seasons and last year's collection that are often not too far from the actual fashion to be called unfashionable, but they are relatively cheaper than the actual season's goods. As you can imagine, within the Dubai Outlet Mall, there are mainly fashion stores, but this luckily does not close out the presence of other stores either which mean, you will find all sorts of stores within this mall, which also includes children's toys and apparel. There are approximately 240 stores within the Dubai Outlet Mall.

In order to be more inviting for the crowd, Dubai Outlet Mall has created a day, when it's the best to go shopping there which is called "Half Price Mondays". This means that the stores will have a special price for one part of their total collection that they give with a 50% discount.

Some of the brands that you can find in the Dubai Mall include the following: Adidas, Armani, Azadea Group, Azarro, Bally, Banana Republic, Calvin Klein, Christian Dior, Converse, Diesel, Esprit, Evisu, GAP, Gucci, Guess, Issey Miyake, Jil Sander, Levi's Jeans, Mango, Marc Jacobs, Max Mara and Nike. There is a Paris Gallery within the Dubai Outlet Mall, which deals with most of the elite brands and sells a large number of accessories. It is wise to know though that most of the elite brands do not have their own label stores selling outlet items; bigger stores, such as Boutique 1 or Paris Gallery, mainly sell them.

Apart from fashion items, you can find jewellery stores within the mall too, which include Al Liali Jewellery, which is among the more popular Dubai jewellery brands. There is also a Villeroy & Boch Store within the shopping mall. Some other stores which may be interesting for the visitors include Rivoli Eyewear, Reliable Electronics, Shoe Mart and Go Sports which is the major store dealing with all sorts of sport brands for a cheaper price.

For the children and those who would like to do something more than shopping, the Dubai Outlet Mall has a nice sports and entertainment centre, which also includes a smaller ice-rink where mainly children can learn how to do iceskating. The complex also includes a Bowling parlour and here you can find a large number of fast food restaurants, such as McDonads, Pizza Hut and other buffet restaurants offering the specialties of diverse cultures.

The most recent brands that opened their label outlet stores in the mall include Carolina Herrera, Scotch & Soda and the Stock Market Outlet, which offers multiple international brands in its collection.

If you are hesitant about the prices you see in the mall are in real lower than elsewhere, please note, that retails must sign an agreement with the management of the mall before opening which guarantees that they will sell all their apparel at least 30% cheaper than the goods' normal price. In 2010 it has come up to do an extension to the recent Dubai Outlet Mall, but this idea has been postponed for an indefinite time.

The mall is the best reachable by taxi as it is really outside of the city. Dubai Outlet Mall is mainly worth visiting if you plan to spend the majority of your day there. There is no guarantee that you will find huge number of cheap yet outstanding goods here but it definitely gives you chance to find something a lot cheaper than it used to be. We can suggest visiting Dubai Outlet Mall for those, who have quite a lot of time to spend in Dubai.
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