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We know that Dubai is the place where we can get to see things we do not generally see at any other place and there is no better example for that than Wafi City. Therefore, Wafi City is a place that you should definitely visit, when you are in Dubai. Wafi City has a beautiful shopping mall, called Wafi Mall, which has been in the centre of attention ever since it was built, for its eclectic outlook. In this article, we would like to represent you with Wafi Mall and all the things you can get to see inside and outside all the same.

Wafi City is not a city, it's a complex located nearby the downtown area of Dubai occupying quite a big area. The main concept of the complex is of course business. It is full of shops and all sorts of catering facilities. It's centre is the Wafi Mall which is a full on shopping mall, but apart from this Wafi City has a beautiful traditional souk the Khan Murjan, one of the most popular places which tourists like to visit. Wafi City features a great element of attraction for children and families all the same. It has its Children's Theme Park the Encounter Zone and it features a light and sound show for the visitors every day.

The unique thing about Wafi City is its outlook. The whole complex was built to resemble something of a village that originates from the ancient Egypt. So, what you will see here, is a bit like being in Karnak or any other ancient places of Egypt where you can find the remaining of the ancient civilization. The biggest exception is of course, that in Wafi each house serves as a store or a restaurant. The central element is the Wafi Mall, which is in fact a huge glass pyramid. This may sound unbelievable, so you really have to be there to see how Wafi City looks like. Wafi Mall has been especially famous when the so-called "Pink-Panther robberies happened in it and ever since the security within the mall has got re-developed. The mall houses plenty of luxury stores ranging from fashion items to jewellery stores and its outlook is simply amazing, especially in the evening when the glass pyramid is enlightened.

Wafi Mall houses a great deal of fashion brands, ranging from the high profile brands, such as Chanel or Escada to the newborn brands such as Tiger Lily or Desert Rose. All stores are really worth visiting here. You can see various elegant Arabic fashion stores too, where you can browse between the beautiful Abayas, which represent the best women's wear collection for the local Muslim women. We highly suggest you to purchase some of the original Arabic perfume oils, which smell so good, especially the rose oil that is a must-buy for all the women. There is a great deal of men's fashion stores at Wafi Mall and you can also get to see more specific stores such as maternity wear and baby and children's wear stores too. For the fans of British brands, Wafi Mall houses a great Marks and Spencer store as well.

Wafi Mall and Wafi City are really a must-visit places for everyone, for its sheer beauty and unique outlook, even if you do not intend to buy anything.

Jewellery & watches shops at the Wafi Mall:
Chopard, Damas Jewellery, Mont Blanc, Omega, Piaget, Rolex, Swarovski, Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons , Al Moallim Jewellery, Al Rawdha Jewellery, Al-Daham for Watches, Arts & Gems, Buben & Zorweg, CHANEL Fine Jewellery, Clio Pro Jewellery, De Grisogono, Gallias Jewellery, Gianni Martinelli, Hour Choice, Kunooz Jewellers, Le Paris Diamond, Mahallati Jewellery, Mikimoto, Parmigiani, Popley, Pure Gold Jewellers, Rahma Al Shamsi Jewellery, Renee Jewellers, Rivoli, Roberto Coin, Sabrini Jewels, Swatch...
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